Quistas & Wong

A fashion co-branding delivering exclusive merchandise and high quality fast-fashion garments.

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Case study

Headless Storefront

A brand fitting headless storefront had been custom built for Quistas & Wong. Retaining the WordPress backend as a content management system, the storefront was built with React.JS, Next.JS & Tailwind CSS, pulling the relevant data from the CMS' GraphQL API.

Case study


To provide for more complex and specific API queries, a GraphQL API had been set up in the backend, instead of a more typical REST API. This allows customers in an e-commerce setting to filter and query products in a more specific manner, while at the same time providing a lower minimum payload for API calls. The GraphQL requests, which by default use the POST method, have been set up to use the HTTP GET method as well, allowing the queries to be cached for a greater user experience.

Case study

Instant Search

Instead of opting for a service like Elasticsearch, TypeSense, Meilisearch e.g., a custom search component had been developed, which fetches it's results from the GraphQL endpoint. An instant search results dropdown pops up while typing the query, fetching it's data from the GraphQL API as well. These results are then cached in the API client, allowing for even snappier consequent instant searches.